Dzisiejszy dzień sponsoruje numer 2. A właściwie 101, bo to najnowszy mój pomysł. Z resztą powtórzony, bo raz już podchodziłam do tego, z niezłym nawet skutkiem. Tak więc w tym roku znowu zaczynam od wyzwań. Zobaczymy jak mi wyjdzie z tą listą.

Losowo wybrana kolejność:

  1. Read 100 books
  2. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
  3. Give money to a street performer
  4. Make play-dough
  5. Host a board games night
  6. Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever comes up
  7. Listen To The Observer’s 50 Albums That Changed Music
  8. Listen to the Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
  9. Cook something from a different country every month for a year
  10. Listen to 26 songs I’ve never listened to starting with each letter of the alphabet
  11. Watch 10 movies that came out before I was born
  12. Double my income
  13. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all
  14. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet
  15. Choose 10 countries and read a book by an author from each
  16. Decorate for a holiday
  17. Bake something new each month
  18. Take a photo of the same place every month for year
  19. Visit an Oulu beer terrace (Finland)
  20. Visit Santa Claus at Rovaniemi (Finland)
  21. Savour a plate of Pullat with coffee, a local tea-time tradition (Finland)
  22. Explore the Suomenlinna Maritime Fortress (Finland)
  23. Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime
  24. Visit five cities I have never visited
  25. Make a new friend
  26. Have a baby
  27. Graduate
  28. Watch 20 documentaries
  29. Bake cupcakes
  30. Start running regularly
  31. See a Broadway show
  32. Make a custom recipe book
  33. Make a home cozy
  34. Stop thinking negatively
  35. Visit a winery
  36. Visit Lapland
  37. See the Aurora Borealis
  38. Learn the Python
  39. Make a list of the simple things that make me happy
  40. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
  41. Say yes to everything for a day
  42. Make a souffle
  43. Declutter my house
  44. Play 10 new board games
  45. Make a gingerbread house
  46. Get rid of my stuff at parents’ home
  47. Eat from a food truck
  48. Fly a kite
  49. Go through closet and get rid of old clothes
  50. Make 5 things from instructables.com
  51. Learn to decorate cakes
  52. Try Geocaching
  53. Get a pet
  54. Make a genealogy tree with pictures
  55. Watch 10 foreign language films
  56. Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for a month
  57. Get a complete medical check-up
  58. Get a job I love
  59. Lose weight
  60. Visit an amusement park that I’ve never been to before
  61. Host 5 friends for at least one night
  62. Take a Yoga class
  63. Go a month without buying anything that isn’t a necessity
  64. Spend a day without technology
  65. make a puff pastry from scratch
  66. Learn how to use all the functions on my camera
  67. Teach my daughter Polish
  68. Get to know city I live in
  69. Start commenting blogs I like
  70. Watch 25 random TEDs
  71. Buy a trench coat
  72. Find a new hobby
  73. Build a snowman
  74. Make a catalog of my books
  75. Watch 5 whole TV series
  76. Learn how to make good pictures
  77. Read 20 non-fiction books
  78. Prepare 50 dishes from cookbooks
  79. Paint a wall with the blackboard paint
  80. Learn how to use 5 new spices or herbs
  81. Walk over 200 km during whole time
  82. Watch 50 films I’ve never seen before
  83. Throw out no food for a week
  84. Learn how to play bridge
  85. Go to an aquarium or zoo
  86. Read 25 books aloud to my kid
  87. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift
  88. Visit another continent
  89. Start couchsurfing again
  90. Fulfill a dream
  91. Ask 20 friends to suggest one movie and watch it
  92. Say no to 5 things I would normally say yes, just to make people happy
  93. Learn how to make a good coffee
  94. See the ocean
  95. Don’t complain about anything for a week
  96. Drink at least 1l of water per day for a week
  97. Eat a fruit per day for a 2 weeks
  98. Create a house cleaning plan and stick to it for a month
  99. Donate blood
  100. Visit Prague (Czech Republic)
  101. Make a list of 50 things we as a family would enjoy and do 25 of them

Treść jest po angielsku, bo na angielskim serwisie tworzone, ale chyba da się coś z tego zrozumieć. Tak czy inaczej, skoro zapisuję i publikuję, to mam nadzieję, że dotrzymam i chociaż połowę zrobię. Postaram się zapisywać tutaj rezultaty, żeby sobie nie odpuścić tak łatwo. Zobaczymy co z tego wyjdzie…



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